Veryl List Clark

Born September 21, 1912
Married Robert B. Clark December 4, 1930
still living

Veryl List
As of this date (December 9, 2004) Veryl Vane is the only surving child of William Valentine and Etta Drusilla List. Veryl was born September 21, 1912 and married Robert B. Clark December 4, 1930. Veryl is presently in an extended care facility in Pickerington, Ohio near the home of her daughter Kitty. Veryl and Bob had three children: Joseph Franklin born February 11, 1932; Dorothy Karen born September 15, 1935; and Kitty Clarine born July 24, 1939. Bob maintained a home in Lawshe which has become the site for many List family reunions but Veryl and Bob lived most of their lives in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Veryl, Bob, and Lucille

Gayle & Veryl in a tree

Gayle & Veryl on the side step

Son, Joseph Franklin CLark

Daughter, Dorothy Karen CLark

Daughter, Kitty Clarine CLark

Allen, Nicole, Maddy and Joseph Karimi, Kitty's daughter

Joe, Kitty, and Karen