The 2022 bi-annual List Reunion will be held Saturday October 8th. (Columbus Day weekend)
Many of you are on Facebook, and/or directly in touch with Kitty yourselves, so you're already up-to-speed. For anyone else, here's the low-down:

  • The reunion is held on "The Farm" in Lawshe, OH owned by Kitty Born
  • There is camping again this year, so come on Friday, and stay all weekend!
  • A Friday cookout dinner awaits campers and early arrivals. Soft drinks and dinnerware are provided.
  • There may or may not be an auction: happily, the Reunion this year is fully funded!
    But bring your cash and your checkbooks, just in case!
  • Kitty & Jerry are adding hayride tours of town and country!
  • Bring a covered dish for the main meal at 1 PM on Saturday, if you can.
If you have any questions, please contact Kitty - Hope to see you down on the farm!


 The old farm house looks lonely now, its curtained windows pale
 The porch swing, still, is waiting for a soft and gentle gale.
 It beckons to family to gather for awhile
To sit and share the kindred lore of love and laugh and smiles.

 It's the love of those who gather that makes this house a home
 When laughter fills the air with joy, one can never feel alone.
 It's sharing all that's new in lives and reminiscing of the past
 That makes the gatherings special and memories that will last.

 The porch swing, still, is waiting, and gently, softly, sways.
 Inviting Lists to come and meet for a reunion, love-filled day.

The reunion will be held at the farm in Lawshe on the Saturday before Columbus Day (October) in even-numbered years (2022, 2024, etc.) It is beautiful there in the fall and we are looking for a big turnout.  Write down the date and really try to come.  Pass the word around in your family and let's make this the biggest one yet!  All you need to do is show up and bring a covered dish, chair, and drinks to share with everyone.

There are many comfortable accomodations available for those coming a long distance.  Check out this site for things to do and see while in Adams county.

Any questions can be answered by emailing myself, or the webmaster, Bill Lewis. 

Watch the List Website for updates and another announcement.

See you then!

Love to all!  Cousins Kitty and Wendy ( who wrote the poem for us)