Helena Kathryn (Kitty) List King

Born June 2, 1899
Married Earl Herbert King January 14, 1920
Died September 1, 1982

Helena Kathryn "Kitty" List King
Helena Kathryn "Kitty" List was the fifth child of the W. V. List family. She was born June 2, 1899 and died September 1, 1982. Kitty married Earl King January 14, 1920 and they lived in Winchester, Ohio. They had two daughters: Drusilla Dolores and Doris Diane.

Hugh, Mark, and Kitty

Her husband, Earl Herbert King

Joe Tener, Kathryn Rogene Tener, Earl King, and Kitty

Daughter, Drusilla Dolores King (Dolores)

Daughter, Doris Diane King (Diane)