Christmas Wishes
From Branches
of the List Family Tree

We hope that you enjoy these Holiday Wishes and images from our families (Please share yours as well)

Merry Christmas from Jerry and Kitty Born and Veryl List Clark.

The card above was created by Kitty and depicts the List house in Lawshe. The following narrative is enclosed.


On Christmas Day, the List Family would meet at Grandma and Grandpap List's house in Lawshe. The aunts and uncles would usually gather in the big kitchen on the far side of the house. Grandma would greet us at the front door of the big square house with open arms ready with a lot of hugs and kisses. Her big kitchen table would be set with fresh homemade pies, fresh baked bread and her own fruitcake carefully covered with a white tablecloth. Her big wood stove was fired up and baking a delicious smelling home smoked ham inside the oven. The unforgettable smell of wood burning, coffee brewing, and food cooking remains still embedded in my memory.

Her towering sweety scented Christmas tree was glowing in the parlor as we entered the house. The parlor was off limits to the grandchildren except on special occasions such as holidays. On Christmas we were free to go enter and enjoy searching for our colorfully wrapped gifts beneath her tree. Ripping off its paper we would find a brand new coloring book and a new box of crayons. From there we ran to the living room to begin creating our new pictures. I remember that hanging on her tree was a very old white Celluloid horn with red trim. It was such a temptation not to blow on it and make its sound. Sometimes we would blow it only once before being scolded by an irritated uncle sitting in the room under a haze of smoke. We would then hurry out to find something else to do.

After an early dinner in the kitchen, the grandchildren would hurry into the living room where a black pot bellied stove was warming the room. Forming a circle, our own passing party would begin on the count of 10. We would start passing the brightly colored gifts we had brought around in a circle. Trying to hold onto the more interesting looking ones but having to pass them on became a challenge since we had to keep passing until told to stop. Hurriedly tearing open our gifts, we would "ooh and aaah" at our new treasures with giggles and hugs for all.

Christmas Day in Lawshe with all of our loved ones was a very happy time for the List family.

Merry Christmas from Bill and Diane Lewis and family

Diane is the daughter of Kitty List King

Back row L to R: son Bill Lewis, granddaugter Sarah Grooms, daughter Kathy Willman, daughter-in-law Kathy Lewis, son David Lewis, daughter Kitty Grooms, son-in-law Mike Grooms, grandson Steven Lewis, son-in-law Chris Willman

Front row: granddaughter Stacy Lewis, granddaughter Ashley Willman with baby Logan, Diane Lewis, grandson Levi Grooms, husband Bill Lewis, Charles Willman's honey Ryan with baby Baily and Charles.

A Christmas Card from Ned and Diana Wagner

Ned is Margaret's son and shown are his four children Caroline, James, John and Edward.

Season's greetings from the Karimi Family

Merry Christmas and love to all! Allen, Nicole, Maddy and Joseph Karimi. (Veryl's granddaughter)

Christmas 2004 from Ted List & Family
(Ted is Hugh's grandson - David's son)

This has been a year unlike any other for us. Jonathan is a senior at Kentucky Christian University, planning to graduate next spring with a degree in Preaching Ministries. Benjamin graduated from high school and started at The Ohio Sate University studying Landscape Architecture and Design. And Stephen, he is a sophomore in high school. As seen in the picture, he shot up right up past his mother. He's not sure what he wants to do yet, but he enjoys drawing and soccer.

Eileen is ready to make some changes. She will be leaving the counseling office before the holidays. There seems to be several options that have presented themselves to her, but she doesn't plan on deciding until after the first of the year.

Ted is still with Wappoo Wood Products, and is pretty happy with his progress. He was asked to join the school board, at Delaware Christian School this year and has found it to be an interesting endeavor.

Ebony joined our family last summer. With Ebony, and her two best friends, Rainbow and Angel (our two cats), there is never a dull moment here at the List house.

Life is good, but God is better. He has blessed us in so many ways this year. Because of this, we want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, and encourage everyone to grow closer to Christ this next year.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Ted, Eileen, Jonathan, Benjamin and Stephen

"Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord"

This is the Christmas letter from Bob and Esta List. Bob is the son of Hugh List.

Dear family and friends,

Pray you enjoy the Lord's blessings this Christmas season. It is a time of siging, giving praise to God for sending our Savior.

It has been a happy, busy year for us Sold our Ohio home and moved into our new North Carolina home August 2nd. The last boxes are unpacked, the daily trips to Lowes and Home Deopt are getting less. The there was the unthinkable things like vehicle inspections, license plate and taking the North Carolina drivers test. Looking for insurance, doctors and learning the short cuts to where we need to be. We learned we had been floating along not making new changes in our life. This has been a challenge and fun!

The Lord gave us a good church, pastor and a wonderful church family immediately. It was hard to leave our church family back in Ohio but the Lord made it easy for us down here. We have been so blessed.

Bob loves retirement!!! He is an outdoor person so the south is a wonderful place to be. His next project is building a barn for his train hobby and maybe put all those acumulated tools to work. Now, we can jump in the motor haome and be at the ocean in two or three hours. We will see what kind of garden he grows in this southern dirt!!!

We live about ten minutes from Todd and Dawn. They have been so helpful to us. So much fun living by four growing grandsons who play sports and just a blessing to be with.

Telephone keeps us in touch with Sheli and Bob. Christopher is a senior on his way to Cedarville College next year. Megi is the happy, busy 7ty grader. Joshua is in the Navy and still in school at Great Lakes studying computers. We had the honor of attending his graduation from boot camp in Great Lakes in October.

Our first southern Thanksgiving was fantastic. All our children and grandchildren were here including Joshua flying in from Illinois. Our nephews Ed and Ted List and their families were here. We were so blessed.

Our first Christmas down here has already been nice. Putting up decorations in our short sleeves, shopping without snow, wonderful programs and music at church. Attending new things like a live nativity. Bob went with Todd's family to a Christms Civil War reinactment and we are going to Todd's church for their well known play. More things than we have time to do.. We wonder how Bob ever had time to work.

We want to thank all of you who gave us so much love, encouraement and help with our move. The Lord was with us every step of the wayl. We are so happy ad blessed.

Love, Bob and Esta List